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Kairali’s Ayurveda Franchise provides the Best Franchise Opportunities based on different Business Spa Franchises models to suit ones expectation.

Ayurveda Franchise
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Kairali has various franchise options and is known for extending support and joining hands with dynamic strategic-foresighted entrepreneurs across the globe.

Ayurveda Franchise
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The Kairali Franchise Model is a sunrise opportunity as a Franchise because it is based on high and sustainable Return on Investment (ROI).

Ayurveda Franchise
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Dedicated Franchise support is needed to take an associate partner to the pinnacle of any business venture.

Ayurveda Franchise
Kairali’s Dusseshra and Diwali Offer, 2018 Get Upto 30% off on all Ayurvedic treatments.
Kairali The Ayurvedic Healing Village Looking for a health retreat or need an Ayurvedic Treatment Packages: Kairali - The Ayurvedic Healing Village.
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Kairali Yoga Retreat Want to learn Yoga or join one of our yoga training programs taught by international experts?
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Kairali Ayurvedic Treatment Centre Find a Kairali Centre near you. Ayurvedic treatments for various disorders such as weightloss spondylytis etc.
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Company Profile

Kairali with a tradition of over 80 years in service to humanity and extensive research in Ayurveda, is also the pioneer in promoting Ayurveda not only in India but across the whole world.

KAIRALI- A new star on the horizon

Kairali with a tradition of over 80 years in service to humanity and extensive research in Ayurveda, is also the pioneer in promoting ayurveda not only in India but across the whole world. Kairali Ayurvedic group is the dream venture of Mr. K.V. Ramesh and Mrs. Gita Ramesh. With the traditional roots that can be traced to a Traditional Ayurveda Physician family. It was dedicated efforts of Late. Dr. Sankunny Vaidyar (Grand Father of Mr. K.V. Ramesh) and Late Dr. K.S. Vasudevan (Father of Mr. K.V. Ramesh) that paved the way for the present status of Kairali. The family is a cherished repository of values and experience of three generations devoted themselves to the research and development of ayurvedic medicines like Lipidex for Obesity, Durance for Sexual Disorders, Duravin Forte for Aprhodisiac properties and Spaliv for Liver Disorders. They are in great demand both in India and abroad.


Healing Methodologies Therapy Center Ayurveda is one of the oldest and time-proven healing methodologies in the world, stands for "Ayu" which means life and "Veda" means science . So, broadly it can be defined as the Science of Life and rightly so the art of living. As per Hindu literature this science of the Gods was passed on to mortals, to protect, preserve and promote life. With scientific fundamentals intricately woven in religious threads, the science still stands proud of its 5000 year old legacy. Ayurveda treats the person rather than disease. This customized approach helps the person to heal naturally without any adverse side effects. The understanding of genetic constitution, environment, physical and mental parameters, state of disease, age, sex etc, are the basic array of diagnostics which treats the person in totality.

Kairali - A tradition kept to the highest standards

  • National Geographic Traveler voted Kairali resort as one of the Top 50 wellness destinations in the world and top ten in Asia.
  • Kairali has been bestowed with SpaAsia’s Crystal Award for excellence in running Ayurvedic Spas.
  • Pacific Area Travel Writers Association(PATWA) Award for “Pioneering & Promoting Ayurveda”
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