Franchise inital Investment
& On-Going Free?

Kairali’s Ayurveda Franchise provides the Best Franchise Opportunities based on different Business Spa Franchises models to suit ones expectation.

Ayurveda Franchise
Our Franchise

Kairali has various franchise options and is known for extending support and joining hands with dynamic strategic-foresighted entrepreneurs across the globe.

Ayurveda Franchise
Why Franchise
With Kairali?

The Kairali Franchise Model is a sunrise opportunity as a Franchise because it is based on high and sustainable Return on Investment (ROI).

Ayurveda Franchise
Franchise Support

Dedicated Franchise support is needed to take an associate partner to the pinnacle of any business venture.

Ayurveda Franchise
Kairali’s Dusseshra and Diwali Offer, 2018 Get Upto 30% off on all Ayurvedic treatments.
Kairali The Ayurvedic Healing Village Looking for a health retreat or need an Ayurvedic Treatment Packages: Kairali - The Ayurvedic Healing Village.
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Kairali Yoga Retreat Want to learn Yoga or join one of our yoga training programs taught by international experts?
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Kairali Ayurvedic Treatment Centre Find a Kairali Centre near you. Ayurvedic treatments for various disorders such as weightloss spondylytis etc.
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  • ayurvedic herbal soaps and shampoo

    Kairali Herbal Soaps & Shampoo

    Kairali Group offers its own version of three Ayurvedic cleansing classics;

    Neem Soap - antibacterial and antifungal, Neem is known throughout India for its skin healing properties;

    Sandal Soap - a fragrant soap based on a traditional formula, Sandalwood restores radiance to the skin;

    Beauty Soap - a traditional herbal formula for use as a daily moisturising soap. Read More

  • ayurvedic oils, tea and cosmetic products

    Kairali Oils, Tea & Cosmetic Products

    Kairali’s range of skin care and body products is perfectly adapted from traditional Ayurvedic skin healing methods to nourish the body and thrill the senses.

    Our massage oils use natural ingredients expertly combined into herbal formulas, representing the essence of four generations of Ayurvedic spa therapy practice. We also offer herbal skin lotions to moisturise, restore radiance and repair damage, as well as a range of shampoos and soaps based on natural extracts known for their cleansing and healing qualities.

    Kairali’s Ayurvedic herbal tea provides a stress-relieving formula full of anti-oxidants and immunity benefits. Read More

  • ayurvedic spalab products

    Spalab Products

    Always true to traditional Ayurvedic scripture, Kairali Ayurvedic Group knows that some modern conditions call for solutions that cannot be found in the ancient texts.

    For this reason, we formed our own range of patented remedies, originally derived from our organic Ayurvedic herb farm in Kerala, and expertly combined to produce powerful healing tonics. Read More

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